Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs for this 2020.

1. ShareASale Affiliates

ShareASale has been in business 17 years now, and they’ve definitely kept up with the times. Featuring a plentiful marketplace full of merchants catering to almost everything you can think of, there’s always going to be relevant products for you to promote.

2. Amazon Associates

Everyone knows Amazon. The online marketplace that can deliver anything from candy to a fully-functional drone to your door in a day. Every niche has its space on Amazon, which is why it’s such a great starting point for an Affiliate Marketing venture.

3. eBay Partners

Even the user-based colossal marketplace that is eBay wants you to help advertise and sell the items on their platform. All you need to do is find listings you want to help promote, promote them using Ebay’s Partner Network tools, and you get paid!

4. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce software used by bloggers and online retailers. As a blogger yourself, you’re likely familiar with it. So, for those of you in niches where your audience will also be trying to sell online, Shopify is a great affiliate partnership for you to point them to.

5. Clickbank

Clickbank is much like ShareASale. A diverse marketplace filled with merchants that you pick-and-choose to promote, based on what your audience would be interested in.

6. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

Rakuten is a leading online store, stocking everything from high-end electronics to pet supplies. If you need it, you can more than likely get it at Rakuten. And they want to pay you for helping to sell anything sold on their store.

7. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program

CJ Affiliate is a platform that knows what they’re talking about. They’ve been in the Affiliate Marketing industry since 1998 and that expertise just shines through in every aspect of what they do. With products in every niche, you’d be hard-pressed to find fault with them.

8. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is currently one of the top recommended WordPress hosts available. With affordable prices, flexible packages and a great customer support team – there’s a convincing argument as to why they’re so highly recommended. Maybe it’s time you partnered with them too.

9. MaxBounty Affiliate Network

MaxBounty is a newer, up-and-coming affiliate website that already worked with some high-end brands, such as Norton, McAfee and T-Mobile. They pride themselves on doing things that other Affiliate Networks simply don’t do yet, and it’s working out well for them.

10. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an Online Advertising Network, not an affiliate platform. However, it is arguably the most popular way to earn off a blog. And it works on the same principles…

Promote something on your site, get paid for the interest your audience expresses in it.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process in which an affiliate attains a commission for marketing another company’s products or services. The affiliate simply promotes a product on their platform and subsequently earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

How does affiliate marketing work?

When a business enlists the help of an affiliate, they typically send them a sample of the product or service that they’re selling. The affiliate then produces content or another piece of promotional material that draws interest from their large network of followers and visitors - thus positioning said item under the noses of those who matter.

2019's Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs.

I hand-picked the following as best examples of networks that combine good reputations, reliability, transparency, technology, and product or brand selection.

Please bookmark this post and return when you want to join a great affiliate network. Research each one to find out if their offers will fit your niche market. Once you find a network that seems a good match, take time to work with them on best marketing strategies and offers for your online audience.

  1. Flex Offers

Flex Offers is a popular network with over 12,000 affiliate programs and a number of global brand names people already know.

Known for cutting-edge technology, friendly service, and reliable payments makes them a top choice for professional bloggers and digital publishers. Plus, it is easy to sign-up, free for all publishers. One great feature is you get a dedicated affiliate manager ready to answer questions.

Advanced digital dashboard to manage and track all your campaigns, Get critical reports and hourly stats. Their unique referral program means you can refer other line publishers and earn money on their sales.

Can you make money with FlexOffers? No doubt they have both the right partners and tools you need, as a blogger you just need to direct targeted traffic to make a commission.

  1. ShareASale

In business over 17 years, this is one of the largest and most popular revenue sharing networks around. Their success is driven by a great reputation, great affiliate support, cutting-edge linking technology, and reliable monthly payments. However the biggest reason is the sheer number of merchants they represent.

Through this network you can access well above 4,500 different merchant programs using the advanced search engine on their website. Many of them are large brand names. Search results can be sorted by keywords, product categories, merchant EPC (earnings per click), commission rates, and more.

  1. ClickBank

ClickBank is a digital marketplace for hundreds of products that you can purchase online.

They are also an established affiliate marketing network started in 1998 that sells a lot of products such as software, training programs, and courses. They cover a lot of popular niches such as health and fitness, travel, sports, education, business and marketing, and much more.

What makes this network great for beginners is first they are super easy to join. Second, there are lots of offers to promote and most have high profit margins (often 30% or more). This gives you a better chance at earning real money even when you are still learning how the business works.

To find winners, take time to carefully evaluate the quality of products and their sales pages as well as their “gravity” score. Gravity is a metric of how well the product has been selling in last 12 weeks.

Who is this network best for? Anyone starting out wanting to make money on their web traffic or learn how to drive leads directly to high converting offers.

Discover more by reading this full Clickbank Guide.

  1. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

The largest and most established network in the world (in business over 20 years), CJ Affiliate has a very positive reputation and wide range of brands you can promote. In fact publishers earn over 1.8 billion in commissions per year.

CJ works with some very well-known brand name merchants such as GoPro, Office Depot, Priceline and Lowe’s. They also partner with major media outlets such as Time and CNN.

Do you dare to dream big? Then partner with some of the world’s best brands by promoting their best products and services. One of the world’s largest and most powerful affiliate networks, CJ (originally commission junction) will help you partner with these popular brands. Yes the merchant categories run deep. You can promote offers from travel to health, from education to electronics, from food to financial products, they have something for no matter what niche you are in.

CJ network also offers personal account managers and many cutting-edge tools that can help you reach and convert more customers around the world on both desktop and mobile devices. Fully automate your content monetization using CJ Affiliate’s tracking software and widgets such as their product catalog feeds.

  1. Rakuten Affiliate Networks

Rakuten is a true global affiliate network that connects premium advertisers with publishers to reach more customers. They work with major brands like Macy’s, Guess, Best Buy, and Ray-Ban, and have facilitated over 100 million transactions.

Rakuten has strict guidelines and besides being accepted as an affiliate you must be approved for each advertiser program. Once approved you can get the links and start using them on your website.

Rakuten offers educational training and support to affiliates such as monthly newsletters, video tutorials, and webinars. In addition you will tools to more easily implement, measure and optimize your sales performance. For example, you can create customized product feeds to best match to you websites content and audience.

Who This Network Is Best For: Bloggers with established website that would be ideal to promote brand name ecommerce products.

  1. Amazon Associates

The most popular e-commerce site in the entire world and largest online retailer also has one of the largest networks. There are people earning $10K or more per month just by being an Amazon Associate.

They offer many advantages including huge selection of merchandise. Due to the fact many people know and trust the Amazon brand, conversion rate is high compared to other online affiliate programs (that is once people click the link they are likely to buy especially as most of them already have accounts).

Amazon is one of the best choices for beginners because you can build a site around almost anything. They are also reliable [partners and pay on time.

Another advantage is ability to scale with dozens of sites on different themes and the fact Amazon provides a lot of marketing tools for the associate to use. However you can usually only join once you get a relevant and quality website. Think about creating a blog that attracts people ready to buy physical merchandise. For more on creating Amazon Associate Sites see this article.

  1. RevenueWire

RevenueWire is a Canadian company and respected global marketing network that was started 10 years ago.

They help software and subscription companies sell more online. They focus on “verticals” or niche markets in insurance, finance, gaming, health, dating ecommerce, security, download apps, and more

On their site they boast the slogan “Better Offers. Bigger Payouts.” digital products often have high commission rates, which is great for affiliates. A proven leader in the performance marketing space, RevenueWire offers several payout models including CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), and CPS (cost per lead).

RevenueWire is focused on cutting-edge campaigns that deliver big commissions. They use proprietary tracking platform to guarantee you get credited for sales or leads. Minimum payout equals $25 on bi-weekly time period.

  1. Avangate

Avangate is a global distribution channel that helps companies sell software and digital solutions. Some of these are SaaS or Software as a Service. They do this with Avangate Affiliate Platform which you can join as a publisher and start earning generous commission..

Start a digital goods affiliate business with up to 85% commissions. To make money join the network then select best-selling titles that align with your blog content.

What type of software or offers? PC desktop software, video editing, anti-virus and security software, PC cleaner, screen capture application, social media promotions, and dozens more related categories. Perfect for anyone in the desktop software. The most popular “digital downloads” network by some margin let you easily leverage a growing database of 22,000+ software products. Don’t forget to add advanced marketing tools and expertise and the industry’s highest commissions.

  1. AvantLink

To get paid for your true performance, partner with a network whose core value are innovation, integrity, and excellence. Driven by the quest for to improve technology, AvantLink has over 10 years in this business and a great reputation among affiliates.

I can recommend this network for several reasons. Avantlink offers a very wide range of affiliate programs with name brands in dozens of popular niches with a heavy focus on sports, outdoors, and health products. From nutritional supplements to outdoor gear, from fitness and sports equipment to athletic clothing, they likely have multiple offers that would fit your audience.

Second they have one of the best affiliate tool suites to automatically monetize your content. These include merchant banner ads with automatic text and image updates, affiliate link encoder which automatic creates affiliate links for selected keyword site wide or page level, and more than I have room to mention. AvantLink has even developed their own WordPress Plugin to help you access all merchant ad campaigns in and create customer links within your WordPress site.

  1. Impact Radius

Where do influencers and affiliates partner with the world’s biggest brand?

They join Impact! This network was founded in 2008 by a team of internet marketing experts who want to create something new and disruptive in the industry.

Impact has a big marketplace with many offers ranging across retail sales, travel bookings, lead generation, clicks, app installs, downloads, and much more. Featuring an easy to use interface and dashboard, plus they offer direct linking and real-time tracking and performance reports. You will also get access to marketing collateral materials such as banners and text links for specific merchants.

Another bonus with this network is some brands offer exclusive promotional codes to publishers. This way you can get credit for the conversion even if another person promotes your unique code.

To join fill in a simple online registration form with your contact information, website and company name, and payment preference, and W9 form for taxes. Note that like all networks you may be part of the network but can still be rejected by specific merchants.

For more details on starting your own online affiliate business see this Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.